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on December 8, 2011

Kong is King!

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Kong is King!This ingenious rubber interactive toy is ideal for keeping your dog entertained and out of trouble when you’re too busy to supervise or play.  The main basis of my Kong stuffing is always the dog’s dried food, but bound together with something extra tasty & smelly.  Peanut butter, cream cheese, meat, fish paste or tinned sardines all work well.  I stuff and freeze for extra value entertainment.  Red Kongs are for average chewers and black Kongs are for harder, tougher chewers.

Premier Busy Buddy Twist & Treat

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Premier Busy Buddy Twist & TreatSimilar in its entertainment function as the Kong, the Busy Buddy Twist and Treat keeps even reluctant dogs entertained for longer.  Its design allows for more of the tasty smell and enticing food treat to ooze from the well positioned holes around the top and bottom of the toy.  My collie would choose this each and every time over the Kong toy.

Kong Wubba

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Kong WubbaOne of the best designed toys on the market, from the ingenious makers of Kong.  The Kong Wubba is canvas, so tough enough for most dogs.  It has a squeaky middle section, a weighted end portion so it always falls the same way and fantastically stimulating, flappy legs which flail around making even the most reluctant player eager to join in.  I reserve times with the Kong Wubba for when I can join in the game so my dogs associate play time with me and get the most out of this fabulous toy.

Animal Instincts Slow Feed Pet Bowl

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Animal Instincts Slow feed Pet BowlOne of my dogs doesn’t eat his food, he inhales it!  We have tried other methods to slow down meal times, but this ingenious little bowl has worked wonders to help him control his enthusiasm when it comes to dinner.  A helpful tip though, buy a smaller bowl size than you’d usually choose for your dog.  The dogs muzzle needs to be larger than the bowl, in order for it to work effectively.  Please note that dogs who eat their food very quickly may be showing early signs of food aggression.  Please seek professional help if you suspect this is the case.

Road Refresher non spill water bowl

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Road Refresher Non-Spill Water BowlWhen you have dogs who drink a lot and drool a lot, walking barefoot around the floor is not an option for the humans of the house.  This non-spill bowl reduces the amount of water the dog can actually lap up in one go and thus reduces the drool factor.  In addition, its designed for dogs on the move, to avoid spills in your vehicle while still allowing the dogs constant access to fresh water.

Gentle Leader Head Collar

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Gentle Leader Head CollarWhile all head collars work on the same principle, the Gentle Leader is, from years of trial and experience, the most effective and simplest on the market.  It fits comfortably on more breeds of dogs than any other head collar I’ve tried.  If you’re tired of your dog taking you for a walk, and wish for a relaxing stroll with your canine friend instead, this is the product for you.

Snugglesafe Microfibre Towel

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This product has the ability to remove most of the dampness and dirt from the dog’s fur, and has a much larger capacity to soak up moisture than an ordinary towel.  I can use one Snugglesafe Microfibre towel for my three large dogs and it’s ample. In addition it needs less washing than a normal towel, as when dry, the mud stains seem to brush off leaving it clean enough to be used over and over again.

Easidri Towel

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A wonderful but strange rubbery thing, its capacity to soak up water is phenomenal. This product is kept moist at all times and stored in a handy plastic container. It can be rubbed all over the dog’s body to soak up even muddy water and then wrung out before placing back into its container again. Invaluable for drying the dogs off and amazingly, reduces the number of normal towels I use to a bare minimum.

The Dog Vinci Code by John Rogerson

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An easy to read, easy to understand book (even your dog will get it!) which goes through the main challenges of raising and training the family dog.  John Rogerson is practical and concise in his dog training methods and makes even the most frustrating issues seem rectifiable.  Strongly recommended.  If you only plan on reading one book on dog training, this should be the book for you.

Before You Get You Puppy by Dr. Ian Dunbar

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The essential must read for anyone considering a new canine addition to their family.  Dr. Ian Dunbar, the master of puppy training has put together this handy book which talks you through all the important questions you should ask of yourself and your breeder before choosing the family dog.

The Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey

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Gwen Bailey talks the new puppy owner through the easiest and simplest ways to get you past the first few months of owning a puppy.  She outlines the important priorities, what’s vital to teach and what can be left until later in life.  Practical issues such as house and crate training are dealt with and typical puppy problems such as socialisation, teaching manners, biting and chewing and described in detail.

Don’t Shoot The Dog by Karen Prior

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This is something my mom use to threaten. We have one dog that absolutely loves running around off leask and every single time it happened, my mom would say, “Kids, I am going to shoot the dog and bury her in the backyard. Don’t worry you can visit her grave often.” We would then reply, “Mom, please don’t shoot the dog, we love her too much. You don’t want us to be sad; do you?” Not a dog training book per sae, rather an introduction to positive reinforcement and how to use it to your advantage in all relationships, including those with your human and canine companions.  This book is a great place to start if you’re considering changing from old school training to more positive methods and will help you understand training from the dog’s perspective.

Clicker Training for Dogs by Karen Prior

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A good starting point for anyone considering clicker training their dogs.  This book doesn’t aspire to get you much further than understanding and using the clicker in its most basic form but will leave you with a clear understanding of what the clicker does, what it says to your dog and how to develop the training further,  if you should so wish.

Mine! A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs by Jean Donaldson

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A great little book with a well thought out programme on how to avoid, manage and rehabilitate dogs who are possessively aggressive over the most common things, food, furniture, their owners and something themselves.  A common challenge which often results in my clients seeking professional help, this book works through resource guarding at all levels from the mild to the more serious cases.

Feisty Fido, Help for the Leash Reactive Dog by Patricia McConnell

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Apart from recall problems, leash aggression is by far the most common problem which clients get in touch with me about.  This great little book, comprehensive and not excessively long, describes practical and simple ways to work with the leash reactive dog.


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