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Doggie IQ

on December 15, 2011

How Smart is Your Dog? Try This Test at Home!

Doggie IQ

Dogs are smart. No question about it. As our pets, they enter a human world and adapt to it extremely well. They watch us, learn our ways, learn our commands, and even understand our moods. The average dog can learn about 165 spoken words*, more if they are highly intelligent and get an abundance of love and attention from their owners. Dogs are smart enough to perform all kinds of jobs, from assisting the disabled to serving in the military.

Dogs, like people, have varying degrees of intelligence. Some breeds are smarter than others at performing certain tasks, and even among dogs of the same breed, there are differences in levels of intelligence. Border collies, Poodles and German shepherds rank the highest in intelligence. That is, if you are measuring their doggie IQ according to how quickly they learn a new command.

The people over at Petcentric brought to you by Purina have put together a fun Doggie IQ test for you to try at home. Their IQ test is based on tests scientists use to determine canine intelligence. This IQ test is a measure of just a few of the qualities that make up intelligence, such as reasoning and problem solving. Plus the video is quite funny at some points.

Is Your Dog Intelligent? It’s All About Experience!

If you think you have a pretty smart dog, but he does lousy on the test, don’t be alarmed. The funny thing about intelligence tests is, all you can really measure is how well your dog did on the test. There are so many factors that contribute to intelligence, such as your dog’s previous training and life experiences – even his level of energy or desire to participate, that it’s impossible to know exactly how he’s processing what is put before him in the test. A dog born with great intellectual capacity, who has had little experience with people or had very little dog training, may not even be able to participate in a test. A dog that was born with lesser intelligence, who is well-socialized, and has had plenty of human interaction and training will score higher because of his life experiences.

Want to have a smarter dog?

Exercise your dog’s brain. Your dog comes with a high degree of social intelligence and a desire to please, which makes him teachable. Teach your dog tricks, take him places, play with him, talk to him as often as possible. These are the things that stimulate your dog’s mind and also contribute to his happiness and well-being. You may or may not turn your dog into a canine Einstein, but you can definitely help him reach his own potential.


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