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Remodeling for Pets

on December 15, 2011

Creating a Custom Home Design with Pets in Mind

Remodeling for Pets

Pet owners have always made simple home improvements to accommodate their pets, such as installing a dog or cat door. More recently, pet owners are taking it a step further and remodeling for their pets. This can go somewhat over-board, but if you decide that this is what you want to do, it can be a lot of fun.

For instance, Pam, who wanted to keep her dogs clean without messing up her bathroom or making frequent trips to the groomer, had a custom-built pet shower installed in her laundry room. Now her dogs can roll in their yard to their hearts content, and everyone’s happy. The pet shower is less scary to the dogs because they can step in and out of it. And it’s also easy to use because the dogs don’t need be lifted into a tub or onto a groomer’s table.

Enter Tony’s sleek, contemporary custom-built kitchen and you’ll notice that among the other home design features, there is a built-in niche under a cabinet for his cat, Clea’s food and water bowls. The bowls and the mat they sit on complement the style of the room. The niche puts the bowls out of the path of the owners’ feet and makes the cat’s dining area an integrated part of the kitchen.

Custom Designs from Pet Owners

Debbie, who will always have cats in her life, has a home that is well-designed for all their pleasures. Within her kitchen, is a miniature cat kitchen, where her kitties dine, created with vintage tin doll toys. Her enclosed sun porch has climbing trees and cushy beds in the windows. Outside the window are bird and squirrel feeders, for her cats’ entertainment.

If you’re not ready for a complete redesign, you can add simple elements that will make your home design more pet-friendly. Sometimes it just takes watching your pets and seeing what they need.

Vicky’s dog, Abby, a Jack Russell Terrier likes to be on the lookout. The back windows are low enough for Abby to see out, but the front windows were out of her reach. Rather than make Abby jump like crazy to see out, they built a perch at window level, and covered it in faux sheepskin to coordinate with the drapes. Now Abby can keep an eye on any suspicious activity in either yard, without scratching up the windowsill.

Design with your dog’s or cat’s needs and comforts in mind, and you’ll both have a nicer place to live.

Custom Home Designs Can Conceal or Feature Your Pet’s Amenities

As these home remodeling examples show, blending your pets’ amenities into your home design can help conceal their function. Other homeowners choose to highlight the pet aspects of their home design. Bob Walker, author of The Cats’ House, remodeled his home so that his many cats can run on wood planks overhead, from room to room. The runs themselves create a beautiful, colorful design element throughout his home.

Sevvonco, a custom builder in Palatine, Illinois has carried out several home remodeling requests from pet owners over the past few years. They built a special room for a homeowner’s cats. It had beds that were made out of large slide-out drawers and a cabinet with doors that slid out and open like a TV armoire. The litter area is inside the unit with its own motion-activated exhaust fan system. Thus, the room appeared to be designed and furnished for humans, but the cabinetry held all the necessities and niceties for the kitties.

Does it make sense to build or remodel your home for your pets?

You may think a person would have to be a bit eccentric to go to the expense of building or remodeling with their pets in mind. But if you consider that you create your home to suit yourself and your children, and even guests, it’s not a leap to build for your pets. If you are going to share your life with pets, it makes perfect sense to build or remodel your home, and create a custom design for their comfort and convenience as well as yours.

“We’re always going to have a cat,” Tony says about remodeling his loft condo space with provisions for Clea. “So we devoted this space for her feeding area.” It not only looks great, but it’s good for Clea – she no longer gets tripped over when she’s eating. Clea has other amenities – she can access her litter box through an 8” x 8” entrance built into the laundry room door. The door can stay closed, the litter area is secluded, and Clea gets her privacy.

If you will always have pets, you will always need to accommodate their eating, playing, sleeping, and going potty needs. Cats will always need things to climb on and dogs will need a bath from time to time. And nearly all pets like to have a little place that is their own, where they can go to and feel safe. Knowing all this, when you’re ready to remodel or build a new home, find yourself an architect or builder who has some experience in building for pets or who is creative in custom jobs. It will be well worth it for everyone you consider family.


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