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Top 10 Pet Scenes

on December 15, 2011

A look at Hollywood’s most memorable four-legged stars.

Top 10 Pet Scenes

We have lost track of the Air Bud sequels since the beach volleyball one, but here is a list of our readers favorite pet scenes in movies.

10. Independence Day — Hot Dog!

When you’re Will Smith’s dog, sitting and shaking just don’t cut it — especially when intergalactic invaders are in the process of destroying New York. As an alien death beam sends explosions ripping through the city, the family dog outruns a giant fireball and jumps to safety at the last second (in slow motion, of course).


Ever wonder what’s on your dog’s mind? Well if you believe the Pixar movie Up, it’s one thing … squirrels. A Golden Retriever named Dug is fitted with a high-tech collar that translates his barks into English, and the most important word in his vocabulary turns out to be SQUIRREL!”

8. Homeward Bound — Cat Meets Waterfall

A Bulldog and a Golden Retriever race down a river to save their feline companion before she goes down a waterfall. Interspecies cooperation at its finest.

7. There’s Something About Mary — Ben Stiller vs. Border Terrier

A seemingly large animal crashes against a bathroom door, demanding to be let out. Ben Stiller’s character opens the door and discovers that the commotion is coming from a little Border Terrier with attitude. What ensues is a slapstick scuffle between man and man’s best friend. The scene even pays homage to the Three Stooges when the dog uses his paw to block Stiller’s attempted two-fingered eye poke.

6. Austin Powers — Don’t Gnaw on the Kitty

Typically, a supervillian’s cat is asked to do little more than sit on a lap and be menacingly stroked during diabolical schemes. But there is one such cat who has gone above and beyond: Mr. Bigglesworth, Dr. Evil’s white Persian from the Austin Powers series. Mr. Bigglesworth has taken one for the team numerous times, from being cloned to losing all his fluffy white fur after being cryogenically frozen. Dr. Evil instructs, “Don’t gnaw on the kitty. Just stroke him and love him.” Prudent advice for any pet owner.

5. Beethoven — The Rex Files

One year before landing his breakthrough role in The X-Files, David Duchovny had a small but memorable supporting role in the family film Beethoven. Duchovny is dragged over a fence and around the block after the titular dog wraps his leash around his chair and takes off. Aliens have got nothing on Saint Bernards.

4. Meet the Parents — The Feline Flush

In the film Meet the Parents, Robert De Niro’s beloved cat, Mr. Jinx, has been trained to not only use the toilet, but also to flush it. Type in “cat flush” on YouTube. The hundreds of videos that appear demonstrate the legacy of this talented cat.

3. The Sandlot — Meet the Beast

The neighborhood baseball team wonders, “How did that dog get so big on the other side of the outfield wall?” By eating home run balls, of course. In a black-and-white sequence that explains the origins of the four-legged “Beast,” silent movie techniques bring childhood imagination to life.

2. Ghost — Boo!

Everybody remembers the pottery scene, but Demi Moore’s cat steals the show when a killer breaks into her New York loft. Unable to make physical contact himself, Patrick Swayze’s ghost spooks the cat to send it flying at the intruder, claws first. Mission accomplished, Swayze’s ghost takes a sigh of relief, and audiences on the edge of their seats think, “Ditto.”

1. Lady and the Tramp — Spaghetti Dinner

Admittedly, this scene in which a mutt takes a Cocker Spaniel on a noodle-slurping first date is an expected choice. But it’s just too darn cute not to include. For a funny parody of this scene, check out the movie Hot Shots: Part Deux, in which Charlie Sheen uses his nose to roll a meatball across his plate.

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