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Unusual Dog Houses

on January 8, 2012

designer doghouseMaybe you’d like to build your boxer or labrador a mansion, but you think it’s better to start small. Well I agree. But that doesn’t mean you have to go mundane. Turns out a lot of people have put a lot of thought into creative home building for pets. Here are some great links to a wide range of ideas for your perusal and inspiration:

Turn your doghouse green with some wild ideas from Sustainable Pets. These clever pet lovers are all the rage right now. Here’s a link to just one article about their green-roofed doghouse. Here is their catalog,  and here are some more great tips for building a green dog house.

Does your dog have designer tastes? There’s no reason Fido’s doghouse has to be an A-frame. Check out these sites for designer choices for the fashionably-inclined:

    • Orange Skin indoor-outdoor doghouse…complete with ladder.


  • Go mod with DesignGo. Their designer dog “crates” have gained some real notoriety of late by turning pet transport into pet luxury.
  • Juicy Couture…for the day your small dog stops barking and starts…blinging?
  • When designer is not enough, extravagance is the logical next step, from a $500 air conditioning unit to a $3,000 log cabin. Here are some ideas for the pet owner who wants their dog to live better than their neighbors.
  • Climate Control
  • The Hemingway Cabin! Here’s to harnessing the literary genius in all of us…dogs.
  • Dog house replicas of your house! This way guys…when you’re in the doghouse it will feel like you never left.
  • He’s so big he needs a duplex.

Okay, back to basics. Here are a couple for the traditionalists out there. They are cheap and effective, who could ask for more? (Where’s my AC!)

Just a few more unconventional choices. Just in case you want your doghouse to withstand the apocalypse (or, at least, everything but) check out these plans for a ferrocement doghouse that can put a leash on hurricanes and earthquakes. On the softer, Three Little Pigs-side of things, you can even build a doghouse using straw bales. Although something tells me the Big Bad Wolf couldn’t touch these houses.

So there you have it. More than I ever could have imagined about doghouse opportunities. Although now my mind is absolutely aflutter with wild ideas – maybe a doggy-skyscraper! or a tree doghouse! (complete with ladder). I’ll have to get working on those. In the meantime enjoy these very creative ideas for making your dog feel special and comfortable.


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