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A Day at the Dog Park

on January 23, 2012

This Off-Leash Recreational Area has both a large open field for play and wooded trails to explore!

Time to Play!

A Guide to Planning a Day at the Dog Park

Dogs love playtime! One of the most important things you can do for your dog or puppy is to provide her with the proper amount of exercise. Dogs love it and it’s good for you too!

The backyard can get pretty boring, and some dog owners may not even have a backyard–so where else can you go?

Consider checking out the scene at your local dog park. Dog parks are natural areas designated specifically for romping dogs, usually off-leash. Dog parks provide a great opportunity for your dog to get some exercise and strut their stuff. These areas also give you and your dog the chance to see and be seen, and to meet other dogs and people with similar interests.

Locating your nearest dog park is doggone easy! Using your fave Internet search engine, enter the words ‘dog park’ and include your city and state. Another easy way to find a dog park in your area: simply pick up the phone and call your local Parks Department. The Parks Department can direct you with any questions you may have. Keep in mind that many dog parks and dog trails require a use permit or a fee. Don’t be stingy, after all, these fees go towards the maintenance of the park. You gotta pay if you wanna play!

Before you go, check out these guidelines of dog park etiquette. Know the dog park rules and obey. Good doggie!

  1. Keep your dog on her leash until safely inside the fenced area.
  2. Go ahead and look the part of a rebel dog, but don’t be one! No one likes a bully or a bruiser.
  3. Never leave your dog unattended or let her wander too far.
  4. Maintain voice control over your dog at all times.
  5. If your dog begins to play rough or act naughty, leash her and remove her from the park immediately.
  6. Don’t bring your dog if she can be aggressive. This goes for large and small dogs.
  7. Keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date.
  8. Always clean up after your dog.

Ok, so you’re ready to go, but what to bring?

Here’s a list of gotta have ’em essentials to ensure a marvelous time is had by all at the bark park:

  • Portable bowl for water:  It is important that your dog remain hydrated at all times.  A portable water bowl is lightweight, convenient and ready when you need it.
  • Try this sporty camper style or this paw-print travel bowl at PupLife.
  • Toys:  Fun times abound when you add dog toys to your list.  Bring a ball or a tug toy for a game of fetch. Yippee!
  • Bag for dog waste:  If you don’t want the other dog owners giving you nasty looks, you better pick up any doggy doo doo your pup leaves behind.  Make cleanup a snap with biodegradable poop bags or perhaps something in a fashion color is more your style?
  • Durable collar and leash/clothing:  To keep your dog safe from hazards such as vehicles and other dogs, as well as help you stay in control of your excited canine once she realizes she’s at the park, invest in a durable nylon collar or leather collar.  Stay away from retractable leashes; you don’t want your pup to get too far away and you want to be able to maintain control.  If you plan to dress your dog, your best bet is a cotton dog t-shirt. It’s breathable and will keep your cool dog cool and is a breeze for you to wash.

More fun dog park resources:

Dog parks give dogs and their people a space where they can spend quality time together and socialize with others.  Whether it be a romp in the sunshine or a game of toss, remember… your dog loves to play with you!


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