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A Guy’s Guide to Dog Accessories

on January 23, 2012

A Guy’s Guide to Dog Accessories

There are so many dog fashion options for women and girl dogs like cute dresses, jackets, and fancy collars with Svarovski crystals.

But yo! What about the dudes? Are there trendy and hip dog accessories out there for men who’d prefer their pooch in something with a ruff-and-tumble look? Are there any items out there that suit those who prefer a more, shall we say, masculine image? Good news- yes there is! Guys (and boy dogs), it’s your lucky day! You just have to know what to look for…

  1. When choosing manly dog accessories, look for items made with natural colors such as black, brown, tan, red and navy. These colors impart a not-so-feminine, yet casual and sporty kind of dog. And hey, is there anything wrong with the occasional pink accent?
  2. Look for strong fabrics, such as leather, corduroy, denim, and nylon that are extremely durable, yet they allow your dog to portray his rebellious and ruff personality!
  3. New camouflage styles also add a twist to dog apparel. Camo cargo pants, fleece dog hoodies, tank tops as well as collars, leads and harnesses convey a tough and macho image. (Even if he isn’t!)
  4. Have a manly large dog? Don’t despair, there are designer clothes, collars and leads out there for you too!  Just remember that large or strong dogs are need a collar and lead made of durable leather or nylon so that it can withstand any tugging and pulling.
  5. Every boy who dreams of becoming a rock star can live vicariously through their dogs via black tees with rhinestone embellishments, skull-n-cross bones, leather grommet collars, and famous rock groups iron-ons (think: the Stones and AC/DC). These are sure to make your dog the coolest rock star at the dog park!

Now dress your pup in the amazing gear and watch the other dogs (and humans) say bow wow WOW, dude!


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