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Keeping Stray Dogs Away

on April 20, 2012

Whether you’re somebody looking for a solution to keep stray and loose dogs off your property, or even just out of your garden (or children’s sandbox), here are some cheap, and easy solutions.

Store-bought Repellents

  • Scarecrow Motion Activated SprinklerI’ll highlight my favorite choice first. I love this thing, and with all the motion-sensor lights around, I’m amazed they didn’t think of this sooner. A motion-sensing sprinkler! Now isn’t that just the thing to keep unwanted pests out of your garden; pests of any species. (Except, perhaps, for ducks.)
  • Get Away Animal RepellentA spray to repel dogs, cats and other animals using a lemon-based scent.
  • De-Fence Dog and Cat RepellentGranules that can sprinkled around any area you want to keep the animals out of.
  • Portable Ultrasonic Dog ChaserDesigned to be carried with you, the Dog Chaser emits a high frequency sound that will deter animals, but not harm them. Perfect for joggers, delivery personnel, and frequent walkers.
  • Critter RidderI recommend this quite often when people ask how to keep cats and dogs out of their yard or garden. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it’s environmentally safe.
  • Shake-AwayShake-Away is a powdered repellent used by sprinkling around the area you want to protect.
  • CatStop Electronic Repellent A motion-sensing alarm that emits a high decibel, ultrasonic burst of sound to frighten animals away.

Fencing Options

  • Invisible Fences These will only work for your own dog, if you want to keep him out of certain areas of the yard, and your dog may be resistant to the deterring shock.
  • Easy-Up Lightweight FenceA cheap, but still attractive, alternative to traditional fences. The mesh is weather-resilient and tough enough to withstand curious paws and noses.
  • Tradional Fencing Options

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