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How to Fly with a Pet

on August 1, 2012

Yesterday, we shipped off little Jetty (litter name-Liam) to his forever home. His new family absolutely loves him and he is a great match for their lifestyle. Then that made me think most people don’t know how to fly with their pets; so I decided to write this little article in hopes of helping y’all out.

How to Fly with a Pet

  • Decide if your pet will fly under the seat in front of you, in baggage, or as cargo. For a pet to fly under the seat, they must be in an airline approved kennel and must be able to stand up and turn around in the kennel. To fly in baggage, the pet and kennel must not exceed 100 lbs. Pets and kennels weighing over 100 lbs. fly as cargo.
  • Call your airline to book a space for your pet. Typically, airlines will allow only two pets in the cabin on each flight, so call well in advance.
  • Visit your veterinarian within 10 days of flying to obtain a certificate stating that your pet is healthy and able to fly. Also, discuss feeding the day of the flight and the option of tranquilizers.
  • Label the kennel thoroughly before flying with your pet. Include signs to indicate which way is up. Place your name and information as well as your pet’s name on the kennel. Be sure that there are signs saying, “Live Animal.” Place a picture of your pet on the top of the kennel.
  • Put reflectors on the kennel.
  • Arrive at the airport one or two hours before take-off and check in at the counter.
  • Wait as long as possible checking your pet into baggage. During this time you should exercise your pet and allow them to go potty one last time.
  • Check your pet in and then immediately go to your boarding area to watch your pet loaded on the plane.
  • If you decide to have your pet fly cargo (which is how we ship our dogs) make sure the kennel fits airline requirements and is big enough for your pet. It is better to go too big than too small, as the airline will not ship a dog in a too small kennel. We ship our Australian Labradoodle Delta DASH cargo.

Tips & Warnings

  •  Try to schedule a direct flight if possible. This will reduce the amount of time your pet spends waiting.
  •  Get your pet used to the kennel. Encourage them to sit in the kennel by putting treats or water in the kennel. Provide praise when they go into their kennel. You want them to feel safe in their kennel.
  •  Place bedding on floor of the kennel and leave your pet with something special like a familiar toy.
  •  You may want to freeze the water to put in the kennel.
  •  Consider alternate arrangements if you think flying with your pet may be too stressful.
  •  Never give your pet tranquilizers unless the administration is under the supervision of a veterinarian.
  •  Do not place your pet in baggage when it is warm outside. Some airlines refuse to place pets in cargo from May to September. To avoid heat, travel in the early morning.
  •  Avoid taking your pet out of the plane in the cabin even if they are crying. They may become spooked and frantic.
  •  Don’t book a ticket with Southwest Airlines as they prohibit animals from flying.

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