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How to Protect Pets from the West Nile Virus

on August 26, 2012

The West Nile virus is back, and it has been affecting hundreds of people and pets all over the country this summer, especially in Texas, according to KETK.
West Nile virus is not as likely to infect our dogs and cats, but KETK’s local vet expert Sharon Phillips reported, “The ones that are most susceptible to it are larger animals. Horses are specifically susceptible along with birds.”
Still, owners should take all preventative measures. “In dogs and cats, it’s only about mosquito control, so it’s the same thing as with people. You want to make sure the mosquito population around your house is under control. Standing water needs to be gotten rid of. There are some products that deal with mosquito control with dogs, but with cats they’re somewhat toxic,” reported Phillips.
Owners looking for a quick fix should not turn to non-pet-approved insect repellant. Cats are especially allergic to them. “There are ones that you can use in dogs that are really good, but unfortunately with cats, they’re more sensitive to it, ” said Phillips. “Plus they groom themselves, so they ingest a lot more of it. … There’s really not a great mosquito repellant. I just encourage them to try to keep it away from their house as much as possible.”
Pets cannot transmit West Nile virus to humans. However, owners should still try to protect their dogs and cats from the possibility of being bitten. Mosquitoes are most present during dawn and dusk and around standing water.


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