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Find the Best Dematting Spray for Your Dog

on September 29, 2012

A dog whose fur has become knotted or matted, such as from a lack of brushing, benefits from the use of a dematting spray to help remove those knots as painlessly as possible. Dematting sprays aid in loosening knots and conditioning the coat. Depending on your dog’s coat length and lifestyle, the best dematting spray for him will help keep his coat shiny, healthy and free of knots.

  1. Identification

    • A dematting spray specially formulated for dogs contains natural oils — such as sunflower, jojoba and safflower, or silicones — that coat the hair shafts of the dog’s fur to reduce friction and static when you brush him. These sprays make brushing out your dog’s mats less painful for him by keeping the hair follicles slippery, preventing breakage of the hair and usually reducing grooming time. Depending on the extent of your dog’s matting, you may need a spray that contains more oils to remove serious mats, especially in long-haired breeds; a lighter spray may work better for dogs with short hair and little to no matting.


    • If your dog has itchy, dry skin, look for a dematting spray that contains colloidal oatmeal, hydrolyzed oat protein or aloe. Oatmeal and aloe naturally condition the hair, soothe dryness and relieve itching. Chamomile and calendula are natural flower essences that help reduce and heal skin inflammation and contribute to a shiny coat. Hydrosols, a natural byproduct of essential-oil making, have natural moisturizing properties that reduce mats and help to repel parasites like fleas and ticks. For active dogs, purchase dematting sprays that contain conditioning sunscreens, such as shea butter or vitamin E, which help protect your dog’s skin from becoming sunburned.

    Scent and Effectiveness

    • You can use dematting spray as a leave-in conditioner, and the scent will linger on your dog. Essential oils, unlike synthetic fragrance oils, have antibacterial properties that can help heal skin irritations and add a light, natural scent. Choose a scent that you find pleasant and that your dog tolerates as well; if your dog sneezes after application, find another scent or use an unscented product. Dematting sprays should make brushing your dog easier without making the coat appear greasy or limp. You can dilute some concentrated products with water or hydrosols. Avoid sprays containing alcohol, which can dry the skin and coat.


    • Before purchasing a dematting spray for your dog, check the ingredient list for any chemicals that you are aware your dog is allergic to. After trying a new dematting spray on your dog’s coat, check your dog for any skin reactions. A high-quality dematting spray makes the coat shiny, smooth and soft, and it helps to repel dirt. The spray should enhance your dog’s natural coat color, bringing out the shine and brightening the color. If your dog suffers from a chronic skin condition or has severe environmental allergies, consult


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