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How to Get Rid of Fleas with Home Remedies

on December 10, 2012

thumbnail (2)Fleas not only drive your poor dog crazy with itching. They also carry disease that can make the dog very ill. They can cause skin allergies that lead to infection. Also, they will jump on you. Summer is an especially bad time for them, but your dog needs to be protected year round. Commercial flea killer is loaded with chemicals that can be harmful to both you and your pet. There are many home remedies that work just as well and are not nearly as dangerous.

Things You’ll Need

  •  Apple cider vinegar
  •  Lemon
  •  Spray bottle
  •  Flea comb
  •  Lavender essential oil
  •  Garlic or brewers yeast

  1. Mix a solution of 1/3 apple cider vinegar to 2/3 water. After regular shampooing and rinsing, pour this solution all over the dog. Squeeze out the excess water and towel dry the dog vigorously. He will not smell like vinegar very long, except to the fleas who will stay away.
  2.  Feed the dog very small amounts of garlic or brewer’s yeast in their food. Some will advise against using garlic. According to Pets Pourri, garlic is not only good for fleas, but it helps with other ailments as well. Dr. Pitcairn, a veterinarian, also recommends the use of garlic in his book, “Complete Guide to Natural Health For Cats and Dogs.”
  3. Seep a cut up lemon in 8 oz. of water for a day. Pour this into a clean plastic spray bottle; spray the dog’s coat.  You’ll need to brush it through if the dog has long hair. The dog will smell fresh to you, but fleas will not like the smell.
  4. Repel the fleas with the scent of lavender. You can add several drops of lavender essential oil to the dogs regular shampoo bottle or its bath water. Be careful not to get essential oils in the dog’s eyes. Mix a spray bottle with eight ounces of water and several drops of the lavender oil. Mist the lavender water over the dogs coat either after bathing or on a dry coat every couple of days.
  5. Comb the dog with a flea comb. The teeth are very tight and will trap the fleas as you comb. Dunk the comb into a bowl of soapy water to dislodge the fleas and continue combing. You can also add a couple drops of the essential oil to this bowl.
  6. To remove a severe flea infestation, shampoo the dog with dish liquid. Suds the entire body up and let it soak several minutes. Rinse the dog exceptionally well to remove all traces of the dish liquid.
  7. Keep the dog bathed, groomed and healthy. Fleas will thrive in long matted hair that may contain dust, debris and skin irritations. A regular routine of grooming helps you be aware of fleas before they become overpopulated.

 Tips & Warnings
  •  Buy all natural pet shampoo that has conditioners in it. This will help keep the pet’s skin healthy.
  •  Fleas can cause the dog to become anemic. Check for fleas often.

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