Clancy Aussie Doodles

We are a Family Breeder of Multi-Generation Authentic Australian Labradoodles


on January 5, 2013

AidenFiona produced a litter of 7 puppies last night-January 4, 2013! There are 6 boys and 1 girl in this litter! They are all medium-sized, chocolate-colored, fleece-coated Australian Labradoodles! Beautiful dogs that are non-shedding, hypoallergenic, and highly intelligent!

As breeders of these extraordinarily friendly family companions we want to extend to others the joy and companionship these dogs bring into our lives.

The Labradoodles are so popular because:

  • Extraordinarily friendly family companions
  • Non-shedding
  • Social with people and other dogs
  • Playful and witty in personality
  • Allergy friendly
  • Eager to learn and please
  • Excellent water dogs and retrievers

As a small family breeder our dogs and puppies enjoy socialization by our family. As part of our family, our doodles not only enjoy our property they also join us at all kinds of extracurricular activities, such as football, and swim team, which also allows us to socialize our dogs in the public too.

Feel free to contact me at the following for more information!

Phone- 1 (307) 413-5891

Clancy Aussie Doodles on Facebook-


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