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We are a Family Breeder of Multi-Generation Authentic Australian Labradoodles

Update from the Whelping Box

on January 12, 2013

Here’s the update from the Whelping Box:

We are adorable, chocolate Australian Labradoodles. There are 7 puppies in this litter-6 boys and 1 girl. We’re all ONE WEEK OLD now. You might think we haven’t been doing much for these first seven days of our lives, but we’ve been quite busy. Just look:

  • We lost what was left of our umbilical cords (what a nuisance — glad that’s gone!)
  • We’ve discovered that we have hind legs that work.
  • We’ve all more than doubled our weight, just as we should.
  • We have round rumps now (unlike those bony bottoms we had when we popped out)
  • We can squiggle like salamanders and we can push with our back legs, too (instead of just pulling ourselves with our front legs like we did before).
  • We’ve learned how to find each other now (we sniff and feel our ways to each other).
  • We can make a puppy pile!  (Oooooo…so roasty toasty warm!)
  • We’re experimenting with making noises. We grunt and sigh and sing and call out for Momma Fiona. We yelp when Momma Fiona steps on us, and we sometimes bark in our sleep (but we don’t know what that is yet).
  • We’re all willing to be cuddled regularly, too.
  • We sleep 90% of the time now, and we’re mostly happy and content.

Speaking of sleep, that’s enough for now.  *yawn*  We’re tired, and we gotta get back to the hard work of growing. :) We’ll check in with you next week for another puppy report.

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