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Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?

on August 18, 2013

dogs chase their tails

Do you know why dogs chase their tails? Why do dogs run in circles? This dizzying behavior makes dog lovers curious. What could possibly cause a canine to twirl around this way, nipping at part of his own anatomy?

A dog chasing its tail can seem like a random, somewhat silly activity. Researchers aren’t sure exactly why so many dogs pursue this fruitless pursuit. One reason dogs chase their tails may be simply because they are bored and their tails are moving. In this case, provide some mental stimulation for the animal. Since a hyperactive dog might resort to tail chasing, providing more physical activity may provide a solution since a tired dog is less apt to chase its tail. However, there are certain breeds that have a higher tendency to show spinning, circling or tail chasing behavior, among them, Bull terriers and herding breeds. It could be that the dog learned to chase its tail early on in its litter with all the other puppies. Tail chasing can also be caused by stress, discomfort from an itchy infection, or because of underlying genetics or medical conditions.

Always report to us any unusual behaviors as they may indicate medical or behavioral problems that can be treated. We have facilities for boarding dogs and cats. Our practice includes acupuncture and laser therapy to reduce pain and promote faster healing. Payment plans are available through CareCredit, and we can help you with pet insurance claims.

P.S. If tail chasing becomes a problem, contact the veterinarian to rule out something serious.


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