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A bit of creative writing: “A dog is more than”

on September 21, 2013

A Journalistic Approach

A dog is more than “just a dog.” A dog is a hand to hold and a toy when boredom sets in. A dog is comfort and warmth during a thunderstorm (albeit a very fat and heavy comfort). A dog is that gross smell on your hands after petting her but you like it anyway, almost like puppy breath. A dog is a pillow and a footstool.

A dog is somebody to sing to until you scare her away with your off-key pitches, only to dance right back up to her to try and dance with her. A dog is a guard-dog-but-not-quite-a-guard-dog because she’s scared of a cat less than half her size. A dog is a grumbling snore in the middle of the night to let you know you aren’t alone and that the monsters can’t get you. A dog is the happy presence waiting at the door when…

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