Clancy Aussie Doodles

We are a Family Breeder of Multi-Generation Authentic Australian Labradoodles

Clancy Aussie Doodles’ Photo Gallery

I know how everyone loves to see pictures of the fluffy, adorable Australian Labradoodle. They are highly intelligent, non-shedding, and hypo-allergenic breed. The Australian Labradoodle is great dog for all types of people. This breed is great with the family and makes amazing guide/service dogs. Our family lives in Jackson Hole, WY, and we are a family breeder of Australian Labradoodles. Check out these great pictures of this amazing breed and our beautiful scenery!

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4 responses to “Clancy Aussie Doodles’ Photo Gallery

  1. jean says:

    Oh they are beautiful!

  2. Linda Pickering says:

    Would love to know more about your dogs. I am currently researching breeds in search for the right temperament. I grew up with many types of breeds, mostly hunting dogs. As new grand parents it is important to find a pup to grow with our family! We live on 5 1/2 acres in Missouri and right now we have a sweet aging little beagle who would welcome a new member.

    • We have been busy here with back to school! We have a multiple dog household and our puppies are raised with older dogs and lots of kids. These dogs live to please and are very affectionate. Smart and Sweet!….Let me know what questions you may have! The Clancy’s

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