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We are a Family Breeder of Multi-Generation Authentic Australian Labradoodles

Upcoming Litter!!

Lady Fiona and Sir Buck from Clancy Aussie Doodles have an upcoming litter of beautiful puppies!  We are accepting deposits on this litter now!

Fiona is an absolute sweetheart and is a little bit of a tomboy who loves running around outside. We are excited for this litter of puppies. Her puppies are medium in size with fleece coats in black and chocolate. Lady Fiona is the mom of the family of doodles and loves to be spending time with the family. Fiona had been in many town parades and loves spending time hiking, swimming, and cuddling.

Our wonderful doodles are from the old Australian Lines and we work very hard to make sure the puppies are socialized, sweet and begin their training before they come to their new “fur-ever” homes. The puppies are raised in our home and spend a lot of time with us.  They are used to a typical home situation–kids, games, TV, vacuum cleaners, stairs, riding in the cars, watching Football and Downton Abbey, playing outside, sleeping with the kids and so much more…

The puppies are all micro-chipped, health tested, given appropriate shots, wormed, beginning cage and potty training, beginning leash training, play with other dogs and kids and a two-year health guarantee.  We are here for any and all questions.  Deposits are $500.00 to hold a puppy for your family.  The total cost of the puppy is $2500.00.

Please contact me at:

Andria Clancy

Phone- 1 (307) 413-5892

Clancy Aussie Doodles on Facebook-

Below are a few photos of former puppies!

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Puppy Update-7 Weeks Old!

Once puppies are born, the week to week development can vary but most newborns stick to the same growing pattern. Unlike human babies, puppies develop quickly within their first two months of life and the changes are so quick that you may miss an important milestone. From the first week to the eighth, you are going see your tiny bundles of joy go from wriggling whimpers to full-blown walking balls of energy.

Here’s our report from the Whelping Box:

We were born May 23rd, 2014 and we will be ready to go to our “forever homes” in the beginning of August. There is 1 boy and 4 girls and we all love snuggling together in a big “puppy pile.” Our names are Aurora, Rose, Elsa, Belle and Jake. We’re all SEVEN WEEKS OLD now. You might think we haven’t been doing much for these first forty-nine days of our lives, but we’ve been quite busy. Just look!

Here it is, Day 49, and just look at what’s happened:

THIRD STAGE OF PUPPY DEVELOPMENT: 7 – 12 Weeks That little puppy has grown up pretty quickly and by 8 weeks old he’s ready to leave his canine family and go to his new home. Tiny breeds may mature more slowly and it’s better to keep these pups with their momma for up to 10 – 12 weeks.

He may be a little guy, but a puppy of this age is curious, outgoing and intelligent. He’s ready to find out all about the world around him and is eager to please his people.

Right now your puppy is the proverbial ‘blank slate’ and it’s easiest time to teach and train your puppy. He’s small enough to control, eager to learn and respects you as his ‘leader’. What he learns now will stay with him for life – good or bad – so make it good!

Socialization is also very important during this stage of puppy development… the more new sights, sounds, smells etc. that he can experience the better. Puppies who have lots of socialization experiences and stimulus during this period will be much better equipped to handle change as they grow.

Countless studies have shown that the best time for a pup to leave his momma and go to his new home is right around 8 weeks of age, so during this stage a puppy often moves to his ‘forever home’ and family.

Many new owners aren’t sure what to expect at first and there is often an adjustment period, you can learn more about the first few days/week with a new puppy on my Bringing Home A New Puppy page.

There is also the first ‘fear period’ to deal with. This usually comes on around 8 weeks of age and the pup may seem scared of his own shadow, wanting to stick close to you at all times.

His needs: He’s about to take off on a huge learning curve, so it’s the perfect time to start introducing your little guy to some basic manners and puppy training. Start basic obedience at home, and then move onto a formal obedience class once he’s fully vaccinated.

What you feed your puppy will have a long-term impact on his health and longevity. Feeding one of the best puppy food choices available is a big step towards keeping him happy and healthy, and growing at the proper rate.

It’s also vital to balance his need for socialization against health risks. Your puppy is very vulnerable to disease at this point in his life, so NEVER allow an unvaccinated puppy to interact with other pups or dogs who are not FULLY immunized.. also don’t give him access to any public areas such as parks, stores, sidewalks etc.

Any fearful reactions are pretty normal at this age, and are usually nothing to worry about. You don’t want to ‘coddle’ a pup who is behaving this way. Just maintain a positive attitude and use a happy, upbeat tone of voice so that he realizes there is nothing to be scared of.

Also, never push your pup to do something that he’s clearly terrified of – that will cause more problems than it will solve.

Check out some pictures of our adorable pups! We are accepting puppy applications now!

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Aurora is a sweet chocolate female that was born on May 23rd, 2014.

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Elsa was born on May 23rd, 2014 and is a sweet little chocolate female.

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Jake was born May 23rd, 2014 and is a spunky little chocolate male.

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Rose has a hilarious personality and comes from Fiona’s May 23rd litter.

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Belle is the little wavy-haired wonder from Fiona’s May 23rd litter!

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Puppy Update: 4 Weeks Old

This litter was born on May 23rd, 2014! They are all chocolate-colored, fleece-coated sweethearts! There are 5 puppies in this litter-4 girls and 1 boy!

The little ones are fine and thriving, and they are turning into real puppies now! They’re up on their feet, wagging their tales, seeing, hearing, playing with toys, romping, and chewing on each other (and biting each other’s ears, which hurts with those sharp puppy teeth).  They’re getting much more 1:1 time with us, apart from each other, and we’re beginning gentle redirection on things like puppy biting and jumping to which they are responding quite well (they are *so* eager to please!).

They’re still nursing, but we’ll slowly introduce them to solid food toward the end of this week with the goal of transitioning them completely by the time they’re six weeks old. They should be weaned by their six-week-old vet visit for check-ups and vaccines.

Today, on a sunny 65-degree day, we carried each outside to experience the feel of the sun and breeze and the sounds of planes overhead, wind chimes, and bird calls.  All were appropriately timid at first but seemed to relax and enjoy the adventure. They now love to romp around in the grass and follow us around.

Socialization: Four to Six Weeks

From four to six weeks, puppies continue to be influenced by their mother and litter mates. They learn to play, gaining needed social skills from litter mates, such as inhibited biting (biting to play, not to hurt). The puppies also learn the ins and outs of group structure and ranking within the group.  The puppies are being socialized with humans, have a variety of people interacting with them – young (with supervision) and old, male and female. House-training can begin as early as five weeks, when puppies will follow their mother through a dog door or can be taken out for elimination lessons. At approximately six weeks, puppies can begin in-home training.  His first collar and lead will be introduced, he will be encouraged to come using his name, and reward him with praise and treats. At this age, you can also start training puppies with positive reinforcement methods: using a clicker, praise, and rewards.

Contact me at (307) 413-5891 or shoot me an e-mail at if you are interested!

Below are a few pictures of the beautiful pups!

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Update from the Whelping Box-Week 3

The third week of a pup’s life is marked by huge milestones. It’s like they turn into puppies (as most people think of puppies) overnight.

This litter was born on May 23rd, 2014! There are adorable, chocolate, fleece-coated, medium-sized Australian Labradoodles. There are 5 puppies in this litter-1 boy and 4 girls. They are all THREE WEEKS OLD NOW!

Here it is, Day 21 or Week 3, and just look at what’s happened:

  • Walking has become the preferred method of ambulation (instead of crawling).  Granted, it’s still a drunken-sailor walk, but they’re up on all fours!
  • Their vision is becoming usable. When they “see” things now, they react appropriately with sniffs or puzzlement or growls or barks or pounces.
  • They recognize each other (oh boy, litter mates!).
  • They play with each other. Okay, so it doesn’t last very long, but they do “play” for short stretches.
  • They wrassle. :O)
  • They’re feeling secure with their humans, not just with Fiona.
  • They can pant and lap.
  • They have started to grow in (ouch! for Fiona) teeth!  Their baby teeth are just poking through their gums, and just like human babies, this is uncomfortable for them.  They’re beginning to feel the need to chew (look out world!)
  • They can voluntarily sit, stand, roll over, scratch, paw, wag their tails, chew, investigate objects they “see” (still blurry, but visible), and are just beginning to climb.

We are accepting deposits for this litter now!

Here are some pictures of the adorable puppies!

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Rose has a hilarious personality and comes from Fiona’s May 23rd litter.

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